Dear Friend;

Thank you for your interest in the Noble Quran, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, inquiries, or further requests after reading this translation of the Holy Quran.

We are eagerly awaiting your feedback and not forgetting you in our prayers.

We ask Allah (God) to guide all of us to His straight path and envelope the sincere of us with His infinite mercy. Amen.

Here are few things to remember in regards to the Quran that you will be receiving shortly;

1-The Quran exist only in Arabic, but its meaning has been translated to many different languages.

One should be aware that no translation can present the true text completely, and some translations have misinterpretations in the text. The Quran only exist in Arabic. To do more serious studies of the Quran one should always study several different translations of the Quran if one cannot study the original text in Arabic.
Despite the fact that some of the translations of the Quran has mistakes, it's regarded as useful help for a lot of people to get closer to the message of the Quran.

2- Please remember that the Glorious Quran is a sacred scripture, and thus we humbly as of you to treat it as such.

3- Please handle this translated copy of the Glorious Quran respectfully, and in a state of personal cleanliness.

4- If you wish to dispose off this copy, do not throw it away. Please forward it to someone, or contact us to arrange a pickup from your location.

Important Note:

1- The delivery time takes up to 4 weeks (thank you for your patience). Please inform us if you did not receive your copy after this period, so that we may track your order or send you another copy.

2- We do not send to the countries which we have distribution centers in it, like Brazil, USA, UK and Ireland, you can make direct registration in their sites and they will send you free of charge to your home, if your country is not included in the list, you can fell free to register and request from our main site here.

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May Allah guide you to that which He loves and pleases Him most, and may we be of those that prosper on the Day of Judgment. Amen.



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