The Divine Will

The Divine Will encompasses all things and events that occur, whether they be good or evil. Belief in the Divine Will is not complete unless it contains the following elements:

Belief that Allah’s Knowledge is all inclusive and Complete, that He is most aware of every creature’s qualities and innermost feelings, of the results of their actions, as well as what action they will perform before they perform them, and what actions they may have performed had He willed them to perform otherwise. He is aware of all of this without burden, and there is no contradiction between His encompassing Will and the free will and choice of the creatures.

{He is fully aware of you when He brings you into being out of dust, and when you are still in your mothers’ wombs.} [53:32] and { that you may come to know that Allah has power over all things, and that Allah encompasses all things with His Knowledge.} [65:12] 

Allah has recorded every event that will ever occur. He has referred to the Preserved Tablet, upon which the happenings of all of creation are inscribed,

{Know you not that Allah knows all that is in the heavens and on the earth? Indeed it is (all) in the Book.} [22:70]

Paramount to belief that Allah predestined the outcome of all creatures, is the following Tradition of Allah’s Messenger Muhammad: 

"The first thing which Allah created was the Pen. Then He commanded it to write. The Pen asked; ‘My Lord! What shall I write?’ He said, ‘Write the measure of each thing until the (final) Hour." [At-Tirmidhi]

Allah’s Messenger Muhammad said, 

"...Whatever befalls you could never have passed you by, and whatever has missed you could never have befallen you. The pens have been raised and the scrolls have dried." [At-Tirmidhi]

All thing that occur do so according to the Divine Plan.

{Did you not know that Allah knows (all) that is in the heavens and the earth? It is (all) in a record. Surely that is easy for Allah.} [22:70]

{No calamity befalls on the earth or in yourselves but it is inscribed in a Book before We bring it into existence. Surely, that is easy for Allah.} [57:22]

The Divine Will is both detailed and general, as for the details, Allah’s Messenger Muhammad described the fetus in the womb and said, 

"...He (Allah) sends an angel to it and commands it to write four words: his sustenance, life span, actions, and whether he will be blessed or wretched." [Al-Bukhari.&.Muslim]

Whatever Allah wills, then it shall be.

{Truly, when He intends a thing, His command is ‘Be’, and it is!} [36:82].

All of the actions of the creatures, whether good or bad, occur according to obey Him, and He has forbidden them to behave disobediently. He loves the just and pious people and He is please with their good deeds. He is displeased with those who disbelieve and perform evil. He does not wish disbelief for His creatures; He warns them from it; yet He allows them to stray of they so desire. 

His Wisdom is unique in that it may not be understandable to human intellect. So we believe that He allows evil and disobedience even though He encourages good from His creatures. It is only due to His Wisdom, not a frustration of His Will, that one will disobey and commit evil acts.

Allah created all things, be they matter or events,

{Allah has created you and what you do.} [37:96] 

{All praise is due to Allah, who created the heavens and the earth, the brought into being deep darkness as well as light.} [6:1] 

{O mankind! Fear your Lord who created you from a single person (Adam), and out of him He created his mate (Eve), and out of the two, scattered a multitude of men and women.} [4:1] 

Human beings have some control over their actions and they have a limited type of will. The Will of Allah is not frustrated by the fact that He gave humans the freedom to choose.

{...To whomever of you wills to follow the Straight Path. But you have no will unless Allah, the Lord of the Universe, so wills.} [81:28-9] 

Allah’s Messenger Muhammad said, 

"He who is from the successful, then the deeds of the successful are made easy for him." 

The ancient Greek philosophers claimed that good comes from God, but evil comes from others besides Him. This is what is common among their teachings and what led them the declare that either, 

(A)..Allah things are good and evil in a relative sense, or, 

(B). All evil exists because of another agent (either man himself, or other deities). This concept led the philosophers to debate endlessly over the matter. 

However, one should recognize the truth in what we have mentioned, for the belief in one God includes the true concept that there is only one Creator, and He alone created everything, whether good or evil.

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